Plant Communication

Music of the Plants

The first time I heard the Music of the Plants, I didn’t believe what I was hearing! Like many people, I thought it was some automatic response of the biological functions of plants and made audible. But as I continued to listen, my musical training kicked in. I began to realize that what I was hearing was not random notes. Instead, it was a sophisticated composition created by an intelligent being.


Communication & Research

Music of the Plants gives humankind a new way to connect with nature. With the device, plants and trees become master musicians and compose music for the human realm. As a result, the veil of plant blindness preventing us from recognizing these magnificent beings is thinning. This promises to re-establish our biophilic connections, bringing humans and plants together once again. Bringing plant music into public settings and educating the public about this developing field encourages a greater connection to nature. The natural consequence?

The creation of a more sustainable and tolerant society.

Through years of research and experimentation, plants revealed themselves to have many hidden talents. Music grant the ability to pass to the human world plant knowledge, healing abilities and experiences.

What else can plant music do?

accelerate Healing

Improve Cognition

Balance Emotion

The work of Jean Thoby of France shows that plants create healing plant music with specific amino acid chains to aid a single patient.

It is vitally important we encourage and fund this research.

We must bring together researchers, doctors, and healers to compare notes and devise studies around plant music.

As an international speaker on the effects of plant music, I have met with hundreds of people actively looking into the healing power of plant music and interspecies communication. I dream of a yearly symposium where plant music research and interspecies art are shared. Because this knowledge benefits society as a whole: lifting the veil on plant blindness, and consequently, changing our relationship to the environment.

Deep connection with nature and co-creation with the plant world is essential for happy, healthy and sustainable living.